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Avery James Photography

Monday, November 3, 2008

I love weekends :)

I had a great weekend in case anyone was curious. :) I look forward to the end of the day Friday every week because we almost always have something going on.

Friday was Halloween of course, and so we took Caydan trick or treating. We went to this section of South Torrance where during Christmas everyone goes above and beyond to decorate...people come from all over the South Bay to see the sights, so we decided to check it out during Halloween.....this turned out to be a great idea as they also decorated pretty heavily for Halloween.

I absolutely love this neighbordhood and Dan and I were talking about how great it would be to be able to buy a house here someday. It's very Wisteria Lane like...very family oriented neighborhood...everyone was sitting outside on their patios or sidewalks passing out candy with little fireplaces roaring and parties going on...there were TONS of people out trick or treating (we had to actually wait in lines to go up to some houses).

By the time we were done, we were EXHAUSTED and Caydan was cranky....so we went straight home, watched Ghost Ship on tv, and checked all of Caydan's candy to make sure nothing was opened or unsafe.

Saturday I took Caydan and went to my cousin's fiance's surprise bridal shower. I hadn't realized til I got there that it was actually at my cousin's mom's home....which was wonderful because I haven't really talked to any of that side of his family since I was a little kid...and we were always so close back then...so it was great to catch up and have some heart to heart time. Plus it was wonderful to meet Erika's (that's my cousin's fiance) family as they will soon be part of our family this upcoming weekend.

Here's a pic of Caydan and my Aunt Susie (my cousin's mom)I took with my iphone:

Dan spent all of Saturday afternoon and evening at my cousin's bachelor party...which was very tame....video games and food at my cousin's house. And then I think they went bowling afterwards, but Dan came home.

And then Sunday was Disneyland day. :) We went to breakfast at Denny's and then headed over to one of my favorite places on earth...

It turned out to be a big day for pin trading (one of our favorite hobbies now) and there were TONS of people with pins and lots of cast members with new pins. My pin theme is Avery (of course)...so any pins that remind me of Avery is what I'm collecting....so right now I have a lot of Winnie the Pooh (specifically Tigger) pins, and a couple of Nemo, Bug's Life, and Cars pins. Dan is going for the scary/Halloween/villains theme...mostly Nightmare Before Christmas. And Caydan just has a mishmosh of everything....he tends to pick the princess and tinkerbell pins...strange boy. :)

We FINALLY got to ride the newer Finding Nemo submarine ride...this was a big deal for us because we took Avery to Disneyland when they were still building it and I have a picture of Avery up against the wall with a picture of Bruce on it...and he would have LOVED this ride as he loved Nemo.

So Avery never had the opportunity to ride this, and we have been wanting to go on it since it opened with a bittersweet thought....but the line is always sooooo long and we can never go. But this time it wasn't too bad and we ended up waiting for it and got on.

Again, a bittersweet moment, but Caydan loved it making it all worthwhile. It was actually a very neat ride and I highly enjoyed it through my teary eyes.

We went home after that...another exhausting, but extremely eventful weekend. :)

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