Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This evening's shoot was with a young, aspiring actor who has some great potential to do modeling as well. Very handsome smile and he has that likeable personality that is a great asset in a public career. :)

Here's a few sneak peeks at today's shoot - lots of great pics!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My shoot today was with a beautiful young lady with some gorgeous blue eyes....reminded me a lot of my angel's blue eyes :)

These first two are my absolute favorite - at the top of my all-time favorite pictures actually....and below that are some others of my favorites from the shoot. :)



I was going through my boatload of pictures last night picking out my favorites for a hard copy portfolio (this was my huuuge project of the night! I really hadn't realized how many photo shoots I've done thus far....but it's a hefty amount of pics...spent $80 to print pictures and I didn't even get near the amount that I originally wanted to get...had to cut myself off!!) - and I came across a whole portfolio that I had never posted.

This shoot was towards the beginning of my photography career so I guess I had just kept assuming that they probably weren't good enough to spend the time posting them at this point...but when I went through them last night I realized that I really like a lot of them!

So here are my favorites to share with you...the adorable little Julian and his family. I believe he had been in surfing school the past few months and he sure had quite the tan going on! :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Carmen and Steve - A Love Story

Happy couples are so darn cute - and the couple I just photographed today is definitely exuding happiness. Super photogenic, willing to do, sit, stand, pose, just about anything...that's the kinda subjects I love to work with! :)
This particular couple has a wedding date coming up in March of next year - and I got the honor of shooting some engagement photos of them...I'm so excited for them for their upcoming nuptials...I wish them both the absolute best. :)

I've only photographed a handful of couples in my career thus far - but I'm pretty in love with a couple of these pictures....these next few are my absolute favorites from the whole shoot:

And the rest of these are also my favorites - but just after the ones above :) :)

And I love this one below as well because it was just a playful moment the two of them were having and I thought it was so cute and fun :)