Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Monday, May 16, 2011

Two Quick Plugs!

Shameless I know....but that's what this social media stuff is all about right?  Networking, sharing, exploring, learning, and business.  :)

Don't have time to blog much right now even though I have a ton of stuff to blog about before I leave for my 3 week Florida vacay in 2 days (!!), but I'm already way behind schedule getting out the door today....so just wanted to say:

1) Haven't done a plug for my own Facebook Fan Page for awhile - so pretty please with a marshmallow on top (waaay better than a cherry!) can you go become a fan of my Avery James Photography page??  I post WAAAY more stuff on there than I do on my blog. :)

2) If you liked the iNMAAKOi pics I posted recently - go become a fan of their page as well here (click on link) and also check out the ego-boosting blog post they did about our photo shoot here. :)

And that's all for today - I'll probably be absent from the blog world till I get back from Florida - but when I come back I'll be able to finish up my San Francisco vacation blog posts, have some Florida vacay posts, more pics from the last 4 or 5 shoots I haven't finished posting about yet, and 3 more Baby's First Year package shoots that will be happening over the next month or so after I get back.  Lots of fun stuff in store!!  

And if you're a fan of my AJP page on FB then you'll see the post notifications when they go up! ::hint hint!:: :) :) :)

Happy May-June everyone!! :)

OH!  I need a picture to post with this blog entry....what to put...uhmmm, lemme look through my folders.....

::a few minutes later::

Oh that's right!  I also took pictures at my friend's son's Taekwondo birthday party recently, so I need to blog about that one too!  Here's a pic from the party, pretty awesome little boy he is. :) 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Jeff and Angela Expecting 3!

This past Saturday I had the honor of photographing this extremely sweet couple, who are expecting not only one baby, but 3!!  Triplets, wow!  How absolutely exciting for them.  They're moving to the mountains in a few weeks, so they wanted to capture this special moment in their lives down at the beach before they leave.  It was pretty chilly outside and very overcast, but they were such good sports about bearing the cold and looking beautiful/handsome through it all. :)

Here's a sneak peek of their photoshoot.  Best wishes to you Jeff and Angela!! :) :)

iNMAAKOi Clothing

A very dear friend of mine and her boyfriend are starting a t-shirt company together called iNMAAKOi.  What does that mean, you say??  'I Need Money And All Kinds Of It'...yea, don't we all??  Something relatable, catchy name...and the positive vibe behind it is more than just hustling to make money - it's about working hard, starting businesses, being creative and motivated, determination, and intelligently driven.

Being the friend with the giant camera, I offered to do the product shots for her tees.  I'm really interested in building my portfolio in this direction though, so this was helping me just as much as her.  I've recently decided that my passion is much more in the realm of photographing adults, and in a creative sense.  Fashion allows a photographer to explore themselves artistically and really develop a 'style'.  I'm still working on narrowing down my style, but for now I'm trying out different looks and feels in my photography to see what I like the most.

So I grabbed a few good-looking friends to be models for the tees (2 of which are working models if you're looking for some talent of your own - the blonde (Maggie Silva) and the dark-skinned stud :) (Christopher Williams)).  Super kind of them to help out and we really appreciated their beautiful/handsome faces and bods being a part of this. :)

Here's a few shots that I've gone through so far.  Haven't had a chance to go through everything yet, but wanted to share a little taste of the shoot. :)

Oh - and become a fan of iNMAAKOi on Facebook: iNMAAKOi
Blog site here: iNMAAKOi Blog
Website coming soon (which will showcase all these pics too!)

BTW - would LOVE your feedback on any and everything about this shoot - good or bad.  I really want to develop myself more in this area and need the constructive criticism to move forward.  So I welcome it all (but preferably written in a respectful way,  I don't want to cry, lol).

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dina and Family

As if spending a sunny, 80' Southern California day at Venice Beach with my son and some friends all afternoon wasn't good enough, I had the opportunity to spend the second half of this gorgeous day yesterday with this fabulous family below in Manhattan Beach.  :)

Yes, the beach was packed with people, and yes it was a bit intimidating at first for the family to have all these onlookers, but the view under the pier was so gorgeous that they couldn't resist...so they pushed on through and I think they did an awesome job. :) :)

In addition to their family photos, they brought their nephew along who will be graduating from Palos Verdes High this year, and was recently accepted to USC to play baseball!  How absolutely exciting for them all!  So we got some graduation announcement photos of him as well as some pics symbolizing his huge baseball accomplishments. :)

Here's a little sneak peek at the shoot....have a great week everyone! :)