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Avery James Photography

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween :)

I'm super excited about taking Caydan trick or treating tonight :) He should have tons of fun! :)

His daycare/preschool did a Noah's Ark day (it's a Christian preschool so they have a religious flair on most events they do)...and so the kids are supposed to all dress up as animals for this event (thus the Noah's Ark theme).....

So I didn't have an animal costume for Caydan as he is going to be a pirate this year...so my friend Sheryl let me borrow her son's costume from last year which is an adorable dalmation!! (She is super creative as last year her son was a dalmation and she was Cruella DeVille...how cute is that??!!)

So I left work today to go to Caydan's event at school, brought the costume with me...changed him into it minutes before the event....he looked absolutely adorable!

I would like to mention that only about half the kids were actually animals, and there were about 5 spidermen (one was actually a girl)...so Caydan could have wore his pirate costume after all...obviously some people don't listen well...

They then gathered all of the kids outside to sit in chairs...once they were all sitting, they had them all get up and go sit out on the pavement in the hot sun (my best guess is that they had them sit in chairs to make sure they had all the kids...? Maybe there were enough chairs to seat all kids...about 50 of them I'm guessing)....then they read a Noah's Ark book (which no one listened to)...then they had them go back and sit in the chairs again....then they each got up one by one to hit a pinata (this took FOREVER)...and mind you, it was probably about 80 degrees outside and Caydan's costume (along with a lot of other kids) was a very fluffy and HOT costume, plus he was wearing a long sleeved turtle neck and long pants underneath the costume....so after they broke the pinata, then picked up candy, I took Caydan back inside and changed him back into his clothes.....he was SOAKED with sweat (I'll wash the costume Sheryl, promise!)....the poor guy had to have been dying in there.

Overall, it was a great photo op and I got a few on my camera....I am posting one below that I took with my iphone though as I haven't had a chance to upload the other ones from the camera yet.

And I would like to add that I am so impressed with Caydan...he was such a GOOD boy...while the majority of kids were running around yelling and crying and just being rambunctious...Caydan listened to directions, went and sat in his chair, didn't move a muscle...when all the other kids started going out to the playground for the story, he had to actually be told to get up and walk after just about everyone else was already out there....during the story and the pinata hitting he just sat there and didn't talk or move or do anything.........extremely impressed with my little boy :)

Plus, there was this adorable little girl that kept trying to talk to Caydan, and she even scooted over next to him at one point during story time and put her arm around him for a split second.

Too cute :)

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Jennifer Harbourn said...

What a cute costume! Poor Caydan though. I remember those Halloween parades in the sun. October in California doesn't feel very Autumny!