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Avery James Photography

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend shoots 11/22-11/23

I had two great photoshoots this weekend with two beautiful families.

My Saturday shoot was with a family from our church (Catalyst Christian in Long Beach) and they have got two adorable little ones. Their son was extremely photogenic and loved the camera...he was anxious to be in just about every shot and had the cutest smile that makes his eyes squint up! Their daughter is beautiful and has some beautiful almond eyes...she was not excited whatsoever with this photoshoot in the beginning, but definitely warmed up to the camera in the end! Here's a few of my favorite shots from the day that I've edited so far:

My Sunday shoot was with my boss from work, his wife, his daughter, and their newborn son. They are a fantastic family who are all very kind and good-natured. Their daughter is so sweet and has the funniest knock knock jokes! :)

We went to Manhattan Beach as they recently moved from the east coast and they wanted to have some pictures of their daughter on both coasts to send to family. Unfortunately the area under the pier was extremely crowded with other photographers as this is a prime spot to do shoots, but we still managed to get a few good pics!

I haven't been able to edit too many of these pics yet, but here's a few of my favorites that I've picked out so far. :)

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Jennifer Harbourn said...

Are my comments becoming a bit redundant??? I love these pictures!

These are my two favorite settings that I've seen you use so far, and both families are beautiful!

You would never know by looking at the first set of pics that the little girl wasn't into it. Good job!

And I think every picture of your boss's family came out fantastic! I can't choose a favorite from that session!