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Avery James Photography

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


How can I not write about voting after one of the most historic voting days ever just occurred yesterday.

Strangely, I just jumped on this bandwagon at the last minute yesterday because I've never really had ANY interest in politics whatsoever...I've vaguely listened in here and there on the debates and news stories about the candidates...I've heard all the Palin jokes...

I decided I wasn't going to vote initially because I hadn't been keeping up with the stories and figured it was probably best to let my un-educated vote go unheard.....which is also why I've never voted before in past elections either.

Then all of a sudden, the hype got to me. Little by little throughout the last couple of weeks, and full force yesterday.

I knew enough about the candidates to say that McCain wasn't who I would prefer for my next President...and I tend to rely a lot on my "gut feelings" and my "people reading skills" when it comes to making important decisions...and my gut and intuition was telling me that Obama was a good man and was going to do his best to take this country to good places.

So I decided to vote....but moreso, I wanted to read all of the propositions and vote on them, because I feel like my vote has more of a voice when it comes to those issues.

So I spent a few hours yesterday reading and researching all of the arguments for and against the various Props, including my local Torrance propositions for the schools.

I made my decisions very educated and thought out and the one proposition that I just couldn't wrap my head around, I decided to not vote on because I didn't understand it.

So last night, we ate dinner, got bundled up to go out in the brisk cold, walked down the street to our local voting place....there was no line, we got in and out in minutes...I was so impressed by the little ink blotter thingies that you vote with....and left feeling extremely proud and as if I had made a difference in this country.

Then all night and this morning I was keeping up to date with the propositions because I was so curious as to what was going to happen. I was a little disappointed on some of them and the way they were turning out...but some I was very excited about. For one, I am thrilled about the bullet train. As of this morning it looked like it was going to pass, so I'm assuming it did...........I will be on the list of people buying a ticket to ride it whenever it is actually made. :) :) Anyone else interested in joining?? :)