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Avery James Photography

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yung Threatz (continued)

My first attempt at photographing a music group...and urban music group at that...didn't turn out half bad. There's always room for improvement, but I really like several of these photos.

Yung Threatz is a hip hop group (in my opinion, similar to Bone Thugs and Harmony style...but that's just my opinion)...you can hear their music on their myspace site and judge for yourself :)

Yung Threatz: www.myspace.com/bvygz

Many photographers have a style that is their own...something where you can see a photo and instantly know that's their work. Me? I don't really have one...yet? I'm not really sure I want to have a style that is so definitive of me...I think it's just part of my personality - my short attention span and my constant need for change. I like to constantly morph into something new....from a business aspect, I'd like to be marketable from every angle as well.

But there's obvious negatives to this also...a client doesn't always know what to expect from my photos, because they tend to merge into something a little different every time...sometimes I don't even know what the final result is going to be - I just go with what feels right at the moment based on the situation. When I'm doing my post editing I tend to do something a little different everytime then too....so I guess you could say I'm unpredictable? But maybe that can be fun for a client as well - if you like surprises. :)

Another negative is that while it's good for marketing to be able to adapt to whatever...it's also bad for marketing because my photography is not easily recognizable upon first glance....this makes branding of AJP difficult. But I think this is a negative that I'm not worried too much about. The word of mouth advertising is incredible and has done well for me. :)

Enough with this long post....on to the pictures :)


Jenny.Lee said...

They turned out great IMO! Good job!

Álvaro said...

Fantastic pictures. I suppose they will be very happy with your job.
Greetings from Spain.

Carrie said...

I'm betting they were very happy with these; they're fantastic photos! :)