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Avery James Photography

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christmas/Holiday Photos??

It's almost that time boys and girls. :)

The holiday season is only 5 months away (less than that if you're counting Thanksgiving as the beginning!).

Some people (like myself) like to get their Christmas cards out right after Thanksgiving...which means that if you want family photos for your cards, then you have 4 months to get them!

Considering that my current editing time is at least 3-4 weeks, this means you only have 3 months left in which to get new pictures taken by Avery James Photography!

And also considering that my October is very busy for me personally and there aren't a lot of dates to pick from...you could look at that then as there's only 2 months left in which to get pictures done!

AND THEN...considering that my August is BOOKED to the max (well just about - only about 4 more slots left)....then that actually only leaves you 1 month to get your pictures taken!!!!!

So now that I've broken it down like that...you still need time to pick out your outfits and/or go shopping for new ones, get the kid's hair cut, pick a location, clear the calendar, and talk the hubby into going............you don't have much time left now do you??

I suggest booking your shoot today so that you have first picks at the available dates. There aren't many, so choose wisely. :)

Please remember that my new rates are in effect as of September 1, 2009. You can see them here:


You can email me at crystal@averyjamesphotography.com to book a date. I'm also available by phone, but email is definitely preferred if at all possible.

Now after all that don't you feel like you should start getting your holiday shopping lists started??????????

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