Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Monday, July 20, 2009

L & G's Wedding

I had another amazing opportunity to photograph a beautiful wedding this past Sunday. The wedding itself was in a lovely and serene chapel with a Catholic and Jewish ceremony. It was a lot of fun seeing the breaking of the glass at the end as well! The ceremony was followed by an elegant reception at a restaurant down the street which had an amazing souffle!! Delicious! :)

Below are a just couple of pictures from the first memory card I have been able to upload so far. There are many more beautiful images from their wedding to come. :)


joyce said...

I honestly didn't know until I started blogging and seeing professionals' work that people will have photo shoots "just because". There are some wonderful pictures here, I especially like the ones of the little girls giggling together. As for the weding pics, I wish you'd've been around when I got married! (Catholic & Jewish...must've been really intersting!)

Eudyptula said...

So pretty bride! Isn't a secret, but how old is she? :>
We're waiting to your photo continue... =)