Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer and Family

I had an extra special shoot this afternoon...3 years ago when my son passed away, this extremely kind and caring woman reached out to me from across the country...from all the way in Massachusetts via the computer and myspace. Over time, because of her compassion and kind ways, her friendship became one that I very much treasured...a strange thing to feel for someone you've never physically met.

Summer and her family purchased a tree that they planted and dedicated to my son, Avery James, in an absolutely beautiful park near their home. On Avery's birthdays and anniversary dates, Summer would take her kids down to Avery's tree and release balloons in Avery's memory...or just go to let the kids play near his tree. She takes pictures and sends them to me, and I have to say that my heart feels so warm when I think of how kind she is for the things she does and the way she has supported me and my family.
After all of that...3 years later...Summer and her family decided to take a family vacation out to Southern California. They are staying down in Orange County, but they made the trek up to Hermosa Beach so that they could have their family pictures taken by me and so that our families could finally meet each other in person!!

It's so strange how two people can feel like they know each other without having ever really "known" each other (if that makes sense!)....but I felt instantly connected with her and it was just such a pleasure to finally meet her in person. I'm now looking forward to when my family can take a vacation and go to Massachusetts to see them again. :)

So after all of that...here's a couple of pictures from our shoot....that bright beach sun is tough to work with...but with such a lovely family it's hard to go wrong. :)


SANJAY said...

today after 5 days I opened my blog and firstly visited yours one it is filled with new nice family photos & its amazing. good

Life, Love And Lola said...

Beautiful Pictures! How special that y'all finally met!

mkreider said...

What a very special day! You are such an excellent photographer... I stand in awe. Love your Shawn series among others.

Jen said...

Wow, her pictures are beautiful, Crystal! And I'm so happy that you guys were finally able to meet! She's a very special person who has a kind heart and warm soul. It has been wonderful watching Avery's tree grow over the past 3 years thanks to her photo updates!