Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The "B" Family

This morning I met with two beautiful twin girls, their jubilant big sister, and their fabulous parents. They introduced me to a gorgeous new location that overlooks all of the South Bay, L.A., and on a clear day - all the way out to Malibu!

In addition to a spectacular location, they also brought tutu's for all 3 of their girls!! For those people connected on my facebook site, you may have seen recently that I posted a note about really wanting to take pictures of kids in tutu's...well this family didn't even see that post, yet they brought tutu's!! Talk about making my day! :) Even better - the big sister's tutu was EXTRA fluffy and just so fun! :)

Another thing that I was really astounded by....I was able to witness that bond that twins have. When we got the twins side by side they both turned to each other and put their heads together...then they would kiss each other and just keep pushing their heads together. It was amazing to witness this because you could see that there was definitely this unseen connection between the two of them that they could feel. A beautiful thing. :)

Below is a sneak peek at the pics...the twins were a bit taken back by all the camera commotion and just wanted to be with mom and dad...so we got a lot of crying pics (which are also super cute and I'll post some later), but we did manage to get some happy baby pictures which are always preferred. :)

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Anna Gray said...

Great pics! Fabulous job. :0)