Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Friday, March 12, 2010

Published! 1 of...?? TBD!

I came home today to a wonderful surprise...not that I wasn't expecting it, just forgot about it til it showed up in my mailbox!

Back in December this past year (2009) I took photos at The Compassionate Friends (TCF) Worldwide Candle Lighting.  I attend this event every year, as well as numerous meetings and events throughout the year, in memory of my son (Avery) who passed away in July 2006 due to an accident. 

You might remember my posting from this event here: http://averyjamesphotography.blogspot.com/2009/12/compassionate-friends.html

The gentleman who writes the newsletter from the National Office of TCF (Newsletter: We Need Not Walk Alone) came across my post and wanted to use one of my photos in the magazine for an article about the Candle Lighting.  I was honored!  Not to mention it was going to be a photo of my other son, Caydan.

I hadn't seen the article yet, nor the photo he chose, so when I got home and saw the magazine there, I dropped everything and opened it up.  And below is what I saw! 

Avery James Photography in print, distributed to the world!  WOW.  This is huge for me and such an honor.  For my first publishment (hopefully the first of many!) to be in a magazine for an organization that I hold extremely dear to my heart, means more than I can really describe in words...it just helps me to realize that my goals and hopes are coming true, and that I owe it all to Avery...to the love he gave me, to the love his memories still give, to the compassion that he has brought to my heart and life, and to the possibilities and positive things that his life brought to myself and others.  His death was not in vain...while I would give ANYTHING in this world to have him back with me, I find comfort knowing that he has helped me find my path in life and that something amazing was born from the rubble my life once was.

Thank you all for your support and friendship. :)

The Compassionate Friends National Website: http://www.compassionatefriends.org/
The Compassionate Friends South Bay Chapter: http://www.tcfsbla.org/


SweetLime313 said...

What wonderful news!! I know this is only the start of much more success to come. With your Angel Avery by your side anything is possible. Congratulations Crystal!

Tash said...

Excellent. The photo is precious.