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Avery James Photography

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful flowers!

Last summer I think it was, I was browsing through photographer's blogs and found a local one who had done a photoshoot at this beautiful spot in Palos Verdes with gorgeous yellow flowers everywhere....I was in awe!!  I drove down to the place that same week expecting to take some photos, only to find out that they were seasonal and completely dried up and dead....nothing but barren land left behind. :(

Then today, one of my clients called me and said that her and her family had just discovered this beautiful spot in Palos Verdes where the flowers were all in bloom and wanted to do a photo session there.  When she told me where it was located, I knew that it was the same place....boy, was I excited!! 

So I drove down there today after work and took my son, and started snapping away!  It was just as beautiful as I had imagined...so now I'm moving my shoot this Saturday to this location, and hoping someone else will want to do photos here as well!!!  Look!! :)

P.S. This is also a sneak at my new and improved photo processing process....these are samples of images with all the additional post-processing that your photos will receive as well. :)

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Tash said...

These are perfect! I esp. love the one where Caydan in in the grass. Great poses.