Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A and J - March 2010

Oh how I love this field of flowers...yes, I've taken pictures there just about 3 days in a row now...but I can't help it!  1) It's BEAUTIFUL, and 2) the flowers will die...and it will be a big, brown, empty field eventually...and I don't know when that day will happen, so I'm going to take full advantage of it now!!  Besides, this family is the ones that told me the flowers were in bloom in the first place...so I owe these beautiful scenic photos all to them. :)

Below is a little sneak peek at the session...and I have to say, this photo below of the two of them together might be one of my all-time favorite sibling photos.  It's hard to get siblings to interract naturally with each other....but this one turned out well. :)

Also - if you're reading this and don't mind....could you tell me how the color in these images look on your monitor??  I'm having issues as I'm looking at the same images in 4 different programs...1 of them looks ridiculously over saturated (really red skin basically), 1 looks really under-saturated, and the other 2 look fine, including the ones I'm looking at on this blog....so I'm curious as to how you all see it as well....your comments are appreciated! :)


Anonymous said...

They look a bit overprocessed

Avery James Photography said...

Thanks for the feedback, although no need to be anonymous, I love hearing what people think, good or bad, as that allows to me to continuously improve my craft. I'd also love to be able to follow up with ppl who comment with additional questions. Thanks :)

Tash said...

Hi Crystal,
They look excellent on my screen...the colors are very natural and the skin tones are perfect. I have a DELL inspiron 1521 laptop. I know on my son's big wide HD screen (yup, he's got better equipment than I do - things for you to look forward to :) when I look at my pictures, the are a lot more saturated than on mine.
I drove by that field today at about 5 coming back from friend's house in Pedro...I thought about stopping but thought I could do it next weekend. I love the way in your shots the scenery and the children compliment each other for wonderful photos.

Joseph said...

I'm a professional photographer myself and the colors look fine to me. So many photographer's photos look so washed out and unprofessional. You have a great eye for photography. You capture the true essence of what photography is all about.

Avery James Photography said...

Thanks so much for the feedback Tash and Joseph!!

Tash - you should definitely stop by there before the flowers are gone! It's breathtaking. :) :)

Joseph - I'm about to go check out your blog (assuming your profile links to it), I love to keep up with fellow photographers! :) Thanks so much for stopping by mine! :)

Avery James Photography said...

Joseph - I just tried to visit your profile, and ultimately blog, but received an error message. Feel free to pass along a link to your work. :)
Thanks again for the feedback and compliments! :)

OceanDreams said...

I think they look beautiful and I don't really know that much about film, darling kids and nice work!