Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I LOVE these types of shoots....ever since I was young I always loved to look through magazine ads at all the beautiful clothing and makeup advertisements with the beautiful models...my eye has always been drawn to images and photographs and moreso to the ones with people and beauty...I'm not a big scenic/landscape type lover....yea - the mountains are gorgeous, the trees are beautiful, blah blah blah....but it all looks the same to me...........with people there's a central focus (which goes with my contemporary art preference) and the clothes, makeup, hair, shoes, everything, is what makes my imagination soar. :) :) :) I want to make people look beautiful. :) :)

So I did a shoot this morning with the fantastic Pamela....she had some modeling experience underneath her so she was an absolute natural with posing and her angles and took direction very easily and accurately....makes my job that much easier and the photos that much better!!

Here's a sneak peek...I love the outfits and the colors and I'm super excited to add these to my portfolio! :) I can't wait for my next modeling session (which I don't have any more scheduled currently ::ahem!!::) :)


Jidhu Jose said...

good snap shots. focusing also very good

SANJAY said...

good snap shots all are excellent