Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kathleen and Family

I'm back!  Two days in a row!  Go me! :)

Today I'm blogging pictures from another one of my regular client's recent shoots.  Love this family too!!  They are just so absolutely sweet and the kids are adorable.  The kids all kept running and tackling and hugging me and during the shoot which I thought was so cute.  I love being able to form relationships with the families that I see on a continued basis.  An extra perk to my job. :) :)

Also, after I blogged yesterday's post, I realized that I never blogged that same family's last shoot....but I think their pics are on a different hard drive that I need to get plugged in...and I also don't think I ever blogged this post's family's photos from last year either.  So I'll get both of those up in a future post. :) :)

On with this pics! :)

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Beautiful pictures...thanks for coming by my blog!