Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting to Know Me...

I'd really love to take this blog in a new direction...well, maybe not a NEW one, but perhaps a tiered one...if that makes any sense...it does to me at least. :)

This obviously is my photography blog, but I'd like it to be more than that.  I want to find a way to combine my photography with my life with my interests with my stories with all of you out there in the blog world and with me in general.

With that said, I may just post a little of this and a little of that randomness...because personally I love randomness.  For example, I always put my ipod on shuffle when I listen to it vs searching for my favorite songs...most of the time I don't even listen to my ipod because I'd prefer to listen to one of my many mixes on Pandora because I never know what song will come up next.  I also came across this Etsy shop app on Facebook that brings up a random shop everytime you refresh the page.  That stuff just tickles me. LoL. :)  I'm definitely not a Type A personality, that's for sure.

So my point is, that I hope to use this blog in a more personal way.  You'll get to know me as more than just a photographer...there's a real, live, breathing woman behind that camera and I've been known to have a lot to say from time to time.  Hopefully it'll interest you. :)

Look for more posts like this in between my client photos, but there shall always be at least one photo in a post.  This one is of my son that I took around Christmastime to use on our Christmas cards.  It's taken in Palos Verdes, CA where we live.  Absolute paradise in the city is what I think of this place. :)


momto8 said...

your photos are fabulous!

Randi said...

What a cute little guy! Been looking over your photos--stunning work. You have a talent for capturing sweet family moments.

Avery James Photography said...

Thank you both so much!! :) :)

Pink Little Cake said...

I love your photos! too bad you are so far from me, I have a 3 month old baby in need of some tnice pictures. Thank you for stopping by my blog.