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Avery James Photography

Sunday, January 22, 2012

80's Party!

So here's one of those personal posts I was telling you about a few days ago.  Gonna try and squeeze lots more of these in this blog. :) :)

Last night my honey and I headed over to an 80's birthday party for two of my friends.  I'm really not a fan of dressing up whatsoever...and although I lived my childhood in the 80's, I really had nothing to show for it wardrobe wise.  The most I could get my hands on was a hair crimper and leg warmers from some friends.  Once my bf's mom and sister found out that we were going to an 80's party though, they both brought out their costume arsenal and dressed me up, and I had to admit, it was actually pretty cute.  The gloves were definitely my favorite part.  I had to pass on the giant Madonna-looking bow though...my hair was gonna be crimped and that was as far as I was going.

I did find out that I actually liked my crimpy, frizzy hair.  I'm used to my hair being pretty flat and straight all the time, so the body that the frizz gave to my hair was pretty awesome, lol. :) :)

What's your favorite 80's fashion piece??

Me and my love (don't mind the missing tooth...it's a long story)

My pretty, sparkly, rainbow-y eyes. :) :)

Us and the birthday boy and girl :) :)  She made her own Michael Jackson costume - how awesome is that??  And he's from the Smooth Criminal video.


Jen said...

FUN!!! As awful as the 80s were, I can't help but love the decade. It was silliness at its best :)

cc313us said...

The lace fingerless gloves are the ONLY thing I would wear today. I was in high school for the first half of the decade. I thought nothing of putting on a neon green skirt, with a neon pink shirt, layering it with a oversized jacket that had shoulder pads. Making sure that my make up matched the color of my clothes and getting my hair to give me an extra foot in my height, puttting on ear rings that could also be used as door knockers. It didn't get any better after high school (85 - 89). I ditched that look for my Heavy Metal glam stage. Bring on the Auqa Net.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Oh I remember the 80's well! I think the Flashdance look (with the sleeve off one shoulder) if one I'll remember forever!

Jennifer @ Just A Girl said...

Cute pictures! Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for the comment on my blog! :o)