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Avery James Photography

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rate Increase and Special Offer

It's that time again...when I needed to sit down and look at my pricing and compare it with the time invested, skill level, and market value.  Yes, I am raising my rates.

See bottom of post for limited offer on old rates.

Upon researching other photographers in my region, the average cost for a photographer similar to my style and experience level is about $200 - $300 for a sitting fee alone.  Prints are additional and run about $10 - $100 depending on the size.  And it is very rare that you receive a full-sized digital image for under $90 per image.  Sometimes you will see them offered at a discounted rate when added on to a large print order.

Currently my rates are $200 and includes the sitting fee as well as 20 digital images, no prints.

You can see the huge difference.

But, fear not, I am not hiking it up to the standards of other photogs quite yet...I still know that I have a lot to learn and want to continue to offer my services for affordable prices while I perfect my skill and experiment to see where I want to be long-term.

You can see all of my new rates on my sales site: http://www.averyjamesphotography.com/sales.html

The biggest rate increase you'll see is my wedding photography rates.  They have gone from $100/hr to $200/hr, but also include larger print packages along with the extra retouching on multiple images (10 images with extra retouching per hour booked).  You still get everything on cd from your entire event.

My regular photo sessions are still available at mmy $200 rate, but you will only receive 10 retouched, digital images at this price.  For $250 you receive 20 images.  Each additional image is $10.00.

There was also a little restructuring in my specials, and my event rates now have a 2 hour minimum.  I am also requiring non-refundable deposits ($50.00 for most sessions, $100 for weddings) to reduce cancellations and rescheduled sessions.

BUT... (here's the part with the special offer!)

A few things for those feeling very disappointed right now...

1. If you already have a session booked and on the calendar, you are locked in at the old rate, whatever I had quoted you initially.

2. If you book a date and pay the $50 non-refundable deposit by June 30 (or $100 for weddings), you will be locked in at the old rates as well.  You can book the date up to a year out (think Christmas cards!!), but it must be booked and the deposit must be received by June 30, 2010 to apply.

If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss: crystal@averyjamesphotography.com

I thank all of you for your continued support of my business, and I hope to see you all on the other side of my camera lens soon! :)

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