Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 1 Mini Sessions

Hi everyone!
I feel like I've been completely out of the loop lately...I bought a new MacBook Pro last Wednesday...got a bunch of programs installed on it Saturday, including CS4 (Photoshop), then Sunday and Monday I spent hours upon hours setting my work station up with my giant external monitor, installing all my other programs (printer, Picasa, AOL, etc.), transferring data over from the old computer, trying to figure out the right color settings for my monitor (which are COMPLETELY off, I purchased a calibrator online and am waiting for it to arrive), and then trying to maneuver the Mac and its quirkiness (I've been a PC user solely for the last 15 or so years), and on top of that, trying to figure out how to use CS4.  I had just barely gotten a system down for editing photos on my ancient version of Photoshop (I have v7!), and now with CS4, everything is different...not to mention I'm using a Mac, and there seems to be a glitch in CS4 where I'm unable to use one of the features that I normally do. :(

So needless to say, I am facing a HUGE learning curve right now....and it's resulted in multiple hours of time not spent on editing....so yes, I am behind.

Last night I became so frustrated that I went and hooked back up my old, rickety, falling apart, PC just so I could get a little bit of work done.  I'm probably going to continue using it until I get my calibrator, and I'm hoping that will alleviate at least the majority of my problems.

So last night I was able to edit a few pics from Saturday's Mini-sessions (which I am also completely rethinking the format of due to a lot of last minute cancellations).  Here's a few to share with the families, and also a couple of my cute little monkey in the tree that I took the same day as well. :)


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

no worry am sure you can used to ur new MACbook pro. :) and i love those pictures! sweet! :)

Avery James Photography said...

Thanks Caroline! :)
I have complete hope and faith that i will eventually master this new electronic (the Mac)...I'm just very impatient by nature and hate learning curves! LoL :)

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

been looking at your photos - wonderful work! keep it up. What a darling little monkey up the tree!!

Anna said...

Gorgeous pics! That little girl is killing me - too cute!