Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Saturday, May 23, 2009


These two little girls are absolutely adorable and REALLY made my job easy today! Not to mention they're both future models....they were striking poses left and right (especially the youngest). Here's just a couple - keep an eye out for more! :)


Loulou said...

Crystal, I found your blog by chance and... how amazing!
What beautiful portraits. Even the couple below, you really could captured their feelings...
I will come back again for sure.
Take care and keep on sharing pictures!
Cheers from New Delhi

Jen said...

I adore the black and white photo!

Sburtonbrass said...
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Sburtonbrass said...

Crystal, you are AWESOME! Can't
wait to schedule the next photo shoot for the girls!
I love the picture of them together, but the black and white
solo is really, really cute....

georgia b. said...

your work is quite impressive! amazing ability with people pictures.