Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Monitor Calibration...Yes..I've heard of it...but silly me just didn't have the time or patience for it...and as far as I knew, it wasn't affecting me....

Well come to find out - the picture I've been using for my website, blog, and marketing materials for the last 6 months or so...well it's a completely different color on MY monitor than it is on everyone else's monitor.

Funny, huh? No - not really.

Strangely, my work monitor must be set to the same as my home one because it looked fine there too...

So anyways - I fixed my monitor (I think) and now I can see why one of my favorite pictures never printed the way I wanted it to...and I have redone the editing on this picture to more of what I intended it to look like - I can't completely recreate what I was going for - but this will do. :)




Jen said...

Much better! Funny situation ;)

Kezza said...

yeh that looks better. just wondering what did you use to calibrate your monitor? I need to calibrate mine too. thanks

Avery James Photography said...

Hi Kezza :)
Sorry for the late response, hopefully you subscribed to the comments so you get this!

I know you can purchase software to calibrate your monitor, or have someone professionally do it....I didn't do either and I'm sure it's not perfect yet either....I just did a self calibration that I found online where you basically just get a picture printed (professionally) and hold it up to your monitor, adjust your contrast and brightness settings until they match the picture.....the main thing that affected my monitor though was that I didn't have it on the right color settings....it should be in RGB I believe, and mine was in CMYK I think.....best thing to do is google "self calibrate monitor" or something like that if you want to try it on your own and see what comes up. :) Or do it professionally if you want to invest the money....my technique helped, but isn't perfect. :)

Good luck!

Kezza said...

Thank you for the tips - it helps. I think I will stick to doing what you suggested and googling self calibrating. Til I get more set up.
Love your photography btw, its lovely :)

Calibration said...

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