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Avery James Photography

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I rarely have any free time...but when I do, I choose to spend it with my son and make more memories that I can cherish....as a photographer, it's sometimes hard to capture moments in your own life because you're so busy capturing them in others.........but I try hard to keep up with my own family pictures because I know the importance of them all too well...

This past Sunday I was still up early for a morning photoshoot - but afterwards we went to my grandfather's house as we do most Sunday afternoons, and we spent the day sitting in the sun and playing outside with my fiance and sister...and my mother and grandfather even came out for a bit.

I was determined to get a good picture of Caydan blowing one of the wish-blower thingies....these aren't my favorite though, so I'm going to keep trying. :)

I love this one though because that's my grandfather's hand trying to help Caydan hold it right. :)

I also got a can of silly string a few weeks back and we finally got to play with it...it was a bit hard for Caydan to push the top, and he didn't like getting sprayed with it at all....but I still got a couple cute pictures out of it. :)

And here is a picture of our first grape bunch that we've ever had on this vine since we got it 3 years ago for Avery's garden....I'm really excited to see if they make it all the way without getting eaten by bugs!!


Jen said...

Oh! Your grapes are SO cute! Avery's garden is a magical place :)

ARUNA said...

wow simply awesome clicks!!!!!!!

katie diana said...

you can't beat an adorable kid. this totally made me break out in a smile and made my future-mommy heart strings tug... i might be too young for my maternal clock to be ticking, but i know it's definitely there!

victoria thorne said...

I think the close-up (with dandelion, in black and white) is really stunning...a beautiful portrait. My vote is to put it amongst your favorites!

vicki archer said...

Gorgeous pics, xv.