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Monday, October 4, 2010

New blog series! - Child Styles (Children's clothing and accessories)

Morning everyone!!...well, I guess that is, if you're on the west coast of the U.S....otherwise, good afternoon/evening/night/insomnia-time! :)

So I have this passion for children's clothing...I can't make anything myself, but I love looking at it...especially when it comes to girl's clothing. I have a boy, so whenever I see all these cute girl clothes, I want to share it with someone since I have no need for any of it myself...but the majority of my friends all have boys too...

In addition, I always see super cute outfits that I think would be awesome in photo sessions, but I was never really sure of the right avenue to be able to share my findings...

So I've decided to create a new series on my photography blog called: * ~ * Child Styles * ~ *

I'm not yet sure how often I'll post...I'll try not to overwhelm everyone, but each post will feature various items and where to purchase them, as well as pricing info if available.

I love lots of things I see on Etsy, so I'll probably do a lot of features from there, but I'll definitely be showcasing bigger brand names as well...I'll try and get a good variety in with a large range of prices as well. :)

Remember to use the tags at the bottom of each post to find similar posts...you can always click on the "Child Styles" tag on any post to see ALL of the Child Style features.

Advertisers: Contact me at crystal@averyjamesphotography.com for details if you're interested in one of the following options:

- Featuring your shop here (with handpicked items chosen by me)
- Advertising space
- Giveaways
- Discounts for my readers
- Professional photographs of your items

And to start it off, I'm going to feature my first items now!

This dress below is from Ashley Lynne's Etsy shop...
I think the tall boots with this dress are a must, just as it is below.  Adorable fall outfit!

Details and to Purchase: Plaid Halloween Dress or Tunic
Price: $30.00 plus shipping

And another item I loved in this same shop is the Woodland Owl Button Skirt - $30.00 plus shipping

NOTE: Photos in this post are not associated with Avery James Photography


Anonymous said...

Isnt that skirt too cute?!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

That skit is SUPER cute- I would totally wear it-

Nice to 'meet' you- lovely blog!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

oops skirt- sorry-