Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Child Styles - Dimples & Dandelions

Back today with another Child Styles feature!

And a quick tip for any sellers out there - as I was browsing through online shops, Etsy especially, I found myself skipping right over any items without actual children modeling them....it's just too hard to see how the clothes actually fit on a living, moving person otherwise...I also found myself drawn to the items with pro or semi-pro photos, the clothes just look better!  But honestly, any snapshot is better than none.

So today's feature I decided to stray from Etsy because I just wasn't seeing anything that caught my eye after browsing for awhile....so I resorted to the web for some other children's boutiques....and I came across this one!

There were several very cute pieces in this shop...lots of dressier, formal wear....great for holiday photos or parties.

This piece in particular caught my eye and I had to share!

Also, couldn't resist pointing out these two gorgeous pieces as well:

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katerina said...

so cute babies! fashion for kids is adorable!

Susan said...

Hello Crystal! I was looking for an e-mail address for you but couldn't come across one. I wanted to THANK YOU for becoming my blog's 141st Follower. Thank you SO MUCH for deciding to follow. I hope you stop by very often as I will always love to have you visit.

Your blog is great! Susan