Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jen and Family - Boston Session

Of course...as soon as I blog about starting back up my Picture a Day project, I go and put absolutely no new posts up for a week and a half.....so typical of me. Sorry...life got in the way for awhile, as well as a bunch of new projects I got excited about that distracted me...I'll blog about those soon too. :) I've just been so excited because I'm pretty much caught up on editing now...I've got some in the queue still, but they're not months late like the rest have been...so I'm caught up in my eyes! :) :) So since I'm caught up, I've taken this opportunity to start working on some other things that I've been wanting to do....AJP is branching out! :)
So, more to come on all of that stuff later...for now, here's some more pics that I haven't blogged about yet. This is another one of the Boston area families that I took photos of. This is actually Summer's brother and sister-in-law and their adorable little girl. You may recognize them from the group pics towards the end of Summer's session post.
This beautiful little lady has got some GORGEOUS baby blues...they remind me of my little angel, Avery's, eyes. Like blue marbles.... :)
Enjoy the pics! :)


Ann Nichols said...

Absolutely lovely. That baby has gorgeous eyes and you captured them so perfectly! I'm anxious to hear about all your projects. I do so understand about almost taking on more than we can handle - sometimes I wonder what I've gotten myself in for too. But then, I just do as much as I can every day and amazingly, things get done!
PS And I like the simple life!

Abbey said...

What an adorable baby! Love the pictures, you are very talented!

Snooglerat said...

Wow! Absolutely Beautiful! Just amazing!