Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mary Star Fundraiser (continued)

Sharing a few more photos from the Mary Star Elementary fundraiser.

As you can see, I'm still working on perfecting this new look for photos....clients will be getting the regularly colored version as well as this new twist on their cds....it's hard for me to assess what people think about it because I know everyone has such varying tastes....I personally really like the way the faded yellow tone looks, but my fiance looked at them and really disliked it...I tweaked the coloring a bit and he liked it a little more, but still just doesn't get it overall....but I look at it and love it....it's strange how people can think such opposite things about something.

With that said, I expect that some clients will like this look as much as I do, and some are going to really dislike it....both are fine...I'll continue to offer both versions for the time being at least...I'm still tweaking it and trying to perfect it, so it's still in its developmental phase. :)

I'm also developing my editing techniques overall (which means I went back over ALL of the Mary Star photos that I already edited and RE-DID them to where I was happy with them)...I'm learning more about the advanced uses of Photoshop and the wonderful things it can do.  And I've also finally corrected the whole color viewing issue I was having with my computer, so now I think everything should look like it's supposed to (unless your computers are set to a different setting, but most should be defaulted to the right setting).

When I get my new Mac (yes - for those keeping up with me on my personal Facebook page, I'm pretty sure I'm going with the Mac, although I was almost swayed to the PC!) I'm going to perfect all of my equipment, calibrate my monitor, and I think I'm about to buy my own printer as I'm getting an awesome deal on one from a friend...by the time I'm doing this full-time (another announcement I've made on my personal FB page, I'll make a formal announcement here soon as well!) I should be all set up and ready to really take this even more seriously than I already have been. :) :)

Anyways, enough babbling - here's more Mary Star pics, working on more wedding pics from Kristy and David's wedding and hoping to post those tonight too. :)

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jennifer said...

I love those pictures, I can't wait to tell her how great they turned out!