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Avery James Photography

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kristy and David's Wedding (continued)

So I had wanted to post a little about this fabulous wedding when I first blogged about it, but didn't have the time then...and now I'm running short on time as well....but wanted to say that this was definitely the most MUSICAL wedding I've ever been to!

This beautiful bride is surrounded by musical artists, and it's such an awesome thing to witness...her husband is an impressive drummer, her sister has a beautiful set of vocal chords, her father also sings and plays guitar (as well as MC'd the whole evening!), her brother-in-law plays guitar, their friends play instruments and sing, there was an AMAZING singer who sang at the actual ceremony, an awesome Hawaiian style singer who sang a couple songs at the reception, and another guest who just got up on the mic and started flowing some Jamaican style lyrics...it was almost overwhelming how much talent was packed into one day!!  Really made an impression on me.

To top it off, Kristy's family had the cutest wedding tradition (you can see a sneak of it in my first post from the wedding) where the bride and groom are adorned with Mardi Gras style beads and a cute parasol, they dance around the room and form a giant conga-style line with everyone, all the guests get their table napkins and whirl them around in the air, and some super fun New Orleans-style music is played throughout all of this.  It was such a fun thing to witness! :) :)

Below are a few more sneak peeks at pictures from this extremely entertaining wedding...I'll post some of the music pictures next time. :) :)

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