Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Monday, December 21, 2009

Candy Cane Lane 2009

Our yearly tradition of strolling through Candy Cane Lane continued this year, and this time I brought the camera to try and capture the feel of this fabulous atmosphere.  It truly is a beautiful thing that this neighborhood does...it kinda makes me feel like I live in a small town for just a minute - even though I don't live in this neighborhood (I wish!!) - but it's in the city I grew up in, so it's kinda my town. :)

I love that the whole neighborhood participates, and that people come from all over to walk around or drive through... and the feel of just having so many people out and about with smiles on their face, Christmas music playing, hot cocoa being sold, and kids riding in the backseats of their parent's golf carts down the street, is just so nostalgic to me...I absolutely love it.  I urge you all to make it a yearly tradition - and buy yummy snacks from all the kids. :)

Here were some of the things I caught on camera...the last picture of the Santa in his beach clothes just makes me smile...a true California Christmas. :)


Dragonfly said...

Beautiful pics - love the fairy lights!!

Sandy K. said...

I love Christmas lights...and the magic they represent. Poor Santa, however, looks a bit worn out already!:) Great shots of my favorite time of year.