Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jeanne and Johnny's Wedding Ceremony (continued)

Remember this couple? The ones that got "arrested" on the beach? Hehe, I love that part...

Finally finished up their pictures...while the sun was hot and bright, and the beach offers practically no shade, I actually really like to gorgeous blue sky and blue water background that the sun lights up...it's funny how colors can inspire such moods in me - but it made me happy when I was editing these pictures last night and saw all the pretty blues. :) :)

I also loved how this couple talked to each other with their eyes...there were a lot of looks back and forth between them and you can practically read through the pictures what they were thinking...and the one of them making kissy-faces at each other is too cute. :)

And I love the ones of them up at the lifeguard station...especially the one where Johnny is holding Jeanne from behind and she has her head buried in his arm and he's looking straight at the camera...although I had only met them for the first time that day, I feel like it encompasses their personalities a lot in that picture... :)

And I almost forgot, the wind kept blowing Jeanne's veil around, and so Johnny would fix her hair for her and put her veil back on...I thought this was so absolutely sweet...some guys wouldn't get near hair accessories with a 10 foot pole, but he didn't even hesitate and made sure she was looking top notch at all times. :)

Here's all of my favorites. :) :)

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