Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Michelle and her two boys (continued)

This family was so loving, I can only hope that my son will still hug me that way when he's a teenager. Michelle really wanted to capture a lot of candid shots and photos of her and her kids just being themselves so that their personalities would come through...so the shoot was fun because everyone was laughing and having a good time...we even devised a quick game of tag and a sand sprint to get some fun action shots. :)

Here's my favorites from the shoot...

And just an FYI for everyone else waiting patiently for their pictures - this shoot is from Aug. 9...the next shoot I'm working on is from Aug. 10, then Aug. 13.

Sorry for the delay - we just moved last weekend and it delayed my catch-up work even more than it already was! I still need to get my desk and printer set up so I can print labels for the cds and get them in the mail to everyone....I'm work-work-workin'! :)

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jennifer said...

That last picture made me melt!