Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amie and Family

And my final post for the day is one of my favorites to date...I took Amie and her daughter's pictures back when I was first starting out with this new business...her daughter wasn't too thrilled about pictures back then...but she's older now and an absolutely adorable camera ham now. :) They also brought Amie's sisters and her nieces along for the shoot for a nice birthday picture gift for their mom's birthday. What a fabulous idea! :)

Something about a photoshoot with all girls just having fun and being adorable is fantastic to me. I love the way the pictures come out because there is just this super relaxed feeling about the shoot and you can see it in the final photos. The kids are relaxed and happy, the adults are just going with the flow, and the result is what you see below. :)

Sneak a peek at this great group of sisters and cousins. :)

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joyce said...

These are great, I like how they all dressed alike in simple colours so that the focus is clearly on their faces.