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Avery James Photography

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jennifer and Family

The pictures from this shoot can almost tell a story on their own. Many times when I have sessions that include very young children, we end up with a lot of candid shots - mainly because the little ones have no interest in sitting still or looking at the camera...which is fine by me, because then we end up with shots like the ones below which showcase the children in their element and their interractions with others....

This family was so sweet...I especially loved to see how the older brother interracted with everyone...he was very sweet and loving to each member of his family, especially his little brother...it was great to see how he cared for him and helped him.

The most memorable moment from the shoot, although not very amusing at the time, was also caught on camera...in all innocence, the younger brother accidentally hit his older brother in the forehead with a rock, broke the skin, and it resulted in lots of blood and tears...but, I caught most of it on camera....at least they'll always be able to remember it now. :) Check out the last few pictures at the end of this entry...as well as the rest of my favorites I've posted here. :)


jennifer said...

Those were amazing! We could not stop laughing at the end you got the perfect shots of what happened! We loved how they turned out maybe next time Marc will be ready to be on camera!

vicki said...

Oh my god!! How funny!! Poor little guy!! LOL! Those are sure some adorable little boys. What a nice looking family! =)

Kcalpesh said...

Beautiful shots of this cute looking family! They all look so nice together!

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