Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Saturday, March 21, 2009


So last weekend Dan, Caydan, and I went exploring and found this GORGEOUS location for photoshoots...I was so excited about this spot that I wanted to take photos there as soon as possible...so I put out an ad for a free photoshoot (free prints or a heavily discounted cd) for the perfect little girl that would fit into the pictures I had in my mind...

Lo and behold, the very first responder was exactly what I was looking for! Her daughter is an absolutely ADORABLE little girl who was extremely photogenic and cute as a button. :) And she even had a beautiful name to match - Jersee

So bright and early this morning (8:30am on a Saturday!) we all trekked out to this location along with Jersee's big brother and their father. Their parents were super kind enough to bring a bunch of wardrobe changes for both kids and the whole family so that we could get a variety of pictures.

The shoot was everything I had hoped for...and I'm going to be trying this location out for a few different looks - I actually have another shoot there this afternoon with a beautiful woman who I will post more about later :)

And for anyone else out there - if you would like your very own family pics here, just let me know and we'll schedule a shoot for you. :)

So here are a couple of pics I have gone through so far...I'm heading out for some family time before my next shoot - so I'll post more later or throughout this upcoming week....lots of fun stuff to come!

Thanks Serree and family for everything!! :)

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