Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Friday, March 27, 2009

Changes on the horizon...

Beginning September 2009, Avery James Photography prices will be rising. I have a sample at the following link where you can view the upcoming prices, packages, and specials. http://www.averyjamesphotography.com/upcoming.html (the prices at the bottom half of the page (collages, canvas wraps, etc) will likely go down as well once I've had a chance to analyze the prices)

It should be noted that my individual print prices have gone DOWN for the most part, but the total cost for your complete session has gone up.

There are two main options, both of which include a digital cd of your images, retouched as always - you can choose to receive $200 worth of prints plus a cd for $250, or just the cd for $200.

BUT - There is a good part in all of this!!

I have two offers below that are an absolute steal...I'm practically working for free....but I'm willing! :) :)
(All offers below pertain only to sessions held within the South Bay area and within the written parameters, and do not apply to events).

1) From now until the end of August, prices will be going WAY down...if you book a photoshoot for a weekday evening (5:30pm), or a weekend morning (8:30am) - receive your photos on a digital cd for $50!! What a deal :) OR, if a Saturday afternoon (between 3:00 - 5:30pm) suits you better, receive your photos on a digital cd for $100. Book your session now before dates fill up!! You can view my calendar for availability at the following link: http://www.averyjamesphotography.com/calendar.html

2) If you're not ready to have your photo session yet, and you won't be ready before September rolls around...or if you just want to make sure you stockpile some sessions at a great rate....you can PRE-PURCHASE as many photo sessions as you want (includes digital photos on cd only) at $100 each! Each session is good for 1 year (so if you purchase 4 photo sessions, you have 4 years to use them). You can also give them as gifts. (Offer expires August 31, 2009)

If you book at least one photo session before August 31, you qualify for the following deal: Pre-purchase 3 photo sessions (cd only @ $100 each) and receive one photo session (cd only) FREE!

And that's all I have for now. So don't miss out on these great deals that will allow your family to have pictures to treasure for a lifetime. :)

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