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Avery James Photography

Monday, October 27, 2008


So I have been debating for a little while on getting Caydan into child modeling...should I? Shouldn't I? I think few would disagree that he is an adorable little boy...

I mean...I look at some of the toddlers on websites and catalogs and say...Caydan is that cute...possibly cuter! (of course every mother will say that about their own child)...why shouldn't his adorable-ness be shared with the world?

I'm not completely sure he has the right personality for the world of child modeling though...he's not as big of a ham as some might think he is...he's actually extremely shy and timid, and doesn't do so well around strangers...he gets very clingy to me or Dan when around other people.

But I do think he's starting to grow out of it a little bit more every day. He just needs a few moments to warm up to people.

Then I wonder about the introduction of a "Hollywood lifestyle" for him....not the best environment for a child....but it's not like I want him to grow up and be the next Mary Kate or Ashley Olson...he doesn't need to be a Hollywood child prodigy and money maker....I would just love for everyone to be able to see how darn cute he is......

Plus...I would love to be able to quit my job and shuttle him around to auditions all day...I could spend just about every waking moment with Caydan and that would make me happy. I could also find more time to work on my photography business if I was with Caydan ALL the time....right now I work 9 hours a day, then come home and want to spend time with Caydan, so it's hard to work on photography then....but then the weekends we're out doing family stuff since it's the only full days we have to do things......so when do I find time to work on pictures (let alone the other 5 million things I do?)...?

I think I should try it....just a little worried about jumping into it head first....especially with the economy the way it is...I think I need to keep my job and keep a steady income.....why are we faced with so many forks in the road???

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Jennifer Harbourn said...

You need to talk to Robyn, Dom's mom. Dom does tons of modeling and she has a very healthy approach to the lifestyle. Dom seems completely unaffected by it all. Caydan is SO adorable; people would love to see him in print! I know he's a little shy, but this could help him overcome that. Plus, once he starts school he'll come out of his shell even more :)