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Avery James Photography

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alessandra - 3 months!

I'm so glad that I decided to offer the Baby's First Year package to clients...it really is so awesome to be able to check back in with parents every 3 months to capture their baby on camera.  They just change and grow so much within that first year especially, it's such an honor to be able to help give the family these photo mementos of their child.  I have 3 clients on the package right now and little Alessandra below is one of them.

I just realized that I only blogged one photo from her newborn session...I must have just gotten sidetracked...I'm adding a few more of her newborn session photos at the end of this post. :)

This past weekend I trekked down to Orange County to meet with Alessandra's family for her 3 month pictures.  We got a nice variety of moods from this pretty girl...she smiled a bit, she quizzically stared a bit, and she even gave us the most adorable sad face ever...I know we don't typically like to see sad babies, but when they look this cute I think it's just as amazing as the smiley, happy faces! :) :)

And I just LOOOOVE this photo of Alessandra and Mom..I wish I had a photo just like this of me and one of my babies, it would definitely be huge and on my wall. :) :)

And as promised, here's some of those newborn shots from our first session :)


Rentu said...

i so loved seeing all the photos

Avery James Photography said...

Thanks you Rentu!! :)