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Sunday, January 2, 2011

CSN Store Review - Farberware Skillet

(Please pardon the pictures, they're just snapshots I took and not up to my usual standards...but I was hungry and really just wanted to eat, so I didn't take the time to try and actually take a good pic...just put the camera in auto-mode and snapped away)  :)

So I promised a few weeks ago a review on an item that I was going to get from the CSN Stores...and then the holidays hit, and then life and all that.....in addition, I purchased two things - a skillet and a wall vinyl art piece...well the skillet made it, but the wall vinyl did not...actually according to the CSN site it did make it to my doorstep, but just never into my hands unfortunately....meaning someone took it off my doorstep. :(  So I was originally going to do the review on that item, but obviously I cannot...luckily I took some pictures of my first use of the skillet so I can at least do the review on that item.

And enough of my rambling and excuses....here is my review on this awesome and beautiful, red Farberware Premium Nonstick 12" Deep Skillet that I purchased from the CSN Stores website:

I purchased this skillet because I was in desperate need of a new one, my old one was extremely scratched up (evidence of either a bad cook or a bad pan...?) and I figured it probably wasn't safe to continue using it when there was a good chance black bits of non-stick pieces would end up in my food.  I also am not quite ready to move up to copper cookware or anything other than non-stick (starting to think it was probably the 'bad cook' option above...).  The size of this skillet looked about perfect for those larger dishes with lots of leftovers or feed-more-people type dinners.  And the red just looked so snazzy that I thought it might just make me at least LOOK like a better cook (obviously the logic of a 'bad cook', guess it was me that ruined the first pan).

So I unwrapped my new skillet, gave it a little scrub down, then placed it on the stove burner to admire it's apple-red exterior on my extremely ugly and ancient stovetop.

Then I picked an easy dinner that I knew I couldn't mess up and would still look pretty in the pan for pictures.  I had a bag of this frozen PF Chang's General Tsao's chicken in the freezer....super yummy and extremely easy to prepare.  You just open the bag, dump it in your skillet, cover, cook for awhile, then uncover and cook a little more....then voila!  Chicken and broccoli for dinner....and delicious at that.  I am NOT a fan of vegetables whatsoever, but the cooked broccoli smothered in this sauce is something even I will eat.  Now is it healthy for you or are any of the nutrients retained?  I haven't a clue...but I feel better eating it. :) :)

The brown chunks are actually the sauce in its frozen form...I know you were thinking - I thought this was a chicken dish...why is there steak in there??  Yea....that's sauce....weird looking, but oh so yummy!

Anyways - back to the skillet....so it cooked my food perfectly, the lid didn't get too hot for me to remove it from the skillet, not a single piece of food stuck anywhere on it, and when I washed it, all the sticky sauce just slid right off and it looked good as new again.  The food tasted delicious as it should, no strange tastes transferred from the skillet, and it was perfect enough to fit my whole meal in it (as well as subsequent meals since then) without me spilling half of it off the side when I stirred it.

It's kinda like my baby now...I just love having such a great skillet to cook dinner in....I have to keep it clean and I'll bite anyone's hand off that tries to use a metal utensil in it.  And it's also encouraged me to cook more since it's a bit safer to cook with when I don't have to worry about bits o' non-stick falling in my dinner.

My son's dinner....I know you thought it was mine, but no, I do not drink from a Scooby Doo cup or eat from a Madagascar plastic plate....I prefer the Target plastic plates actually, much more adult and all. :)

Well I hope you enjoyed my review.  And if you didn't, at least I enjoyed my meal. :)

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Jen said...

Lovely pan! And yum on the P.F.Chang's front!