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Avery James Photography

Monday, November 29, 2010

Would it be weird to send 20 different holiday cards to each family on our list?

...so, would it?  Because I'm having a really hard time choosing between Shutterfly's gazillion different holiday card designs!  If I could just go through and check yes/no on each one, then order all the 'yes-es' - one of each for every friend and family member, then just mail them a package of cards this year with our family photos plastered on them - that would make life that much easier.  :)  But I'm guessing that you're all saying - "Yes, Crystal...that would be weird...and a bit obsessive....and just plain creepy."  What?  You mean everyone doesn't want a wall full of cards of my family for their very own home??  OK, OK...well, what would you do?

I received this absolutely awesome opportunity to blog about Shutterfly and their 2010 Christmas and holiday cards, and in return - I get 50 free photo cards for myself this year!  Great because I was just thinking recently about how I probably wouldn't be sending any out this year...but I guess I am now!  Plus, I love Shutterfly...I use them to develop all my family snapshots for albums and stuff like that, and I have 3 of their photobooks at home that I've put together that I absolutely treasure.

So that's the good part...the hard part is trying to figure out which design I want to use for my 50 cards!  I can't even decide what picture I'm going to use yet...I think it's going to be just Caydan in the picture this year...and I'd like to use just one picture for the whole card....I'm thinking of using the sunset picture of Caydan up there in my blog header...or maybe this one here:

I typically drift towards full color pictures, but so many of Shutterfly's designs look really good with black and white pictures....but it's just not really my style....what's a girl to do?

Here's a few that caught my eye in their Christmas card designs...I like the black one cause I'm typically just a fan of the darker colors in general (couldn't you tell from my blog??)...what do you think?

I kinda really like this one too though....but I can't tell if I like it just because the picture of the little girl in it is adorable and fits so well with the design.  I would also need to make sure the words and everything are going to show through on whichever picture I use...I'll have to play around with it I guess...

And then for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, but you still send out cards for other various winter holidays or just for fun, Shutterfly has a more generic selection of "holiday" cards to choose from as well - Shutterfly Holiday Cards  :)

So after I finish designing my Christmas cards, then I'll probably mosey on over to check out Shutterflys's 2011 calendars....because if you know me, then you'll know I have a weird thing for calendars...I usually have from 3-5 different calendars all at one time...and if I can personalize them, then they're that much better!

So this is my dilemma - which design do I pick for our cards this year?...and now back to my original question - would it be weird to send 20 different holiday cards to each family on our list?  I think not....  :)


Kalei's Best Friend said...

To me there is no rule.. How would anyone find out unless they all check w/each other? U are the sender, so u do what u want... :-)

Avery James Photography said...

I agree Kalei! Although I had meant that I wanted to send each family 20 different cards, because i couldn't decide which ones to send them, lol Joking of course! :) That would probably be crazy. hahaha! :)

Kathie said...

I guess that means you need to keep using them each year. I like the Miller Family one you set up best.

I'm also a photographer and love sending out cards using my own photos. Great personal touch.

Eschelle said...

the decision is hard took me two days, should arrive ANY DAY!!! OOOooOOO

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Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

What about one of those collage Christmas cards? I receive one every year from a friend of mine. They're really cute! What every you pick will be perfect!


Anja said...

I really like the photo on your header, so full of joy :-)
And that black card with 'Tis the season is my favorite. But I'm sure that whatever you pick is going to look fabulous!

Mz Clean Freak said...

I apologize that I can't help you on this...I personally don't send out Christmas cards. I am still a child at heart from when I was a child at Christmas. I honestly let ma mom do the Christmas and we show up. *smile* I have grown up on A LOT of things but Christmas I still haven't shaked it...even tho I have 2 kidz of ma own...we look to ma mom. I am SUPER Blessed for having her but I know eventually I am gonna hafta start making ma own traditions with ma kidz....any who, thanks for stopping by ma page and I am now your newest follower. Y? I commend you on your strength!
Stay Blessed..