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Avery James Photography

Monday, November 15, 2010

Picture A Day - Nov 15, 2010

So yesterday I had a wonderful day with a friend and her husband that I haven't seen in months....maybe closer to a year actually if I really thought about it!  She moved up to the Calabasas, CA. area awhile back and as it's about an hour drive from me, I hadn't yet made it up there to visit with my crazy schedule.  But yesterday, after months in the making, I finally made the drive with my son to go visit.

We had a wonderful time...went hiking in the Santa Monica mountains...extremely hot out and dry, but a fun walk nonetheless.  We made it to the visitor center where my son got to check out all the stuffed animals (not toys, the real kind, lol.), make animal tracks in dirt, and touch skeletons and snake skin.  We all also learned that a mountain lion is also known as a "cougar", NOT a "jaguar" as I kept saying, lol.

After our hike back to the car we were all famished and low on blood sugar...made it back to their house for some delicious turkey sandwiches.  Then we headed out towards the Malibu/Zuma beach area with a pit stop at the Coffee Bean....which was located in this fabulous little shopping area with a park in the middle....and this hilarious statue nestled next to the playground that I just couldn't get over the prominent "cheeks", lol.

But that's not today's photo, even though it's pretty funny...that was just a camera phone snapshot.

Today's photo is of my son while we watched the sunset at the beach...I think we were somewhere in between Malibu and Zuma.  It was hard to get a good clear shot because everytime I went to take a picture, someone else was standing right behind him taking their pictures....seriously, there's millions of miles of beach and they kept picking the spot right where I was taking a pic!  That's how my luck works typically though....

So here is the picture...I had a bunch of different ones, but I loved this one because he just looks so darn happy.  He was being a goofball when I took it, but it looks like complete joy in the final product. :)

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Eschelle said...

HAHAHA a hammer with a bum!!! lol!!

I love your shot, what a funny face lol!