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Avery James Photography

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free Mini-Session Photoshoot and Fine Art Print Giveaway Contest!

There's two parts to this contest - one for a photo session, and one for a fine-art print.  Even if you're not local to the L.A. area you can enter to win a free fine-art print from AJP!

First, the free photo-session:

If you're in the L.A. area, or going to be anytime in the near future, you should definitely enter my giveaway for a free mini-session photoshoot!! :) :)  This is a great opportunity to get some updated family photos!

Deadline to enter is December 7, 2010.

You must become a fan of Avery James Photography on Facebook to enter....and for every friend that you refer, you get an extra chance to win.  If your referral wins, then you win too!

You can check out all the details here (Facebook link):

Part 2 (for anyone, anywhere in U.S.)

If you blog about this giveaway (note the free photo session AND the fine art print), you will be entered to win an 8x12 fine art print from my gallery.  You can see current prints in my Etsy shop, and I plan on adding more soon - so you can wait to redeem your prize if you don't see anything you like yet. :)

Please have your blog post link back directly to this post (Link: http://averyjamesphotography.blogspot.com/2010/11/free-mini-session-photoshoot-and-fine.html).  Then post the perma-link to your blog post about this giveaway in the comments.
And don't forget to include your email address!

Deadline to enter for the fine art print is also Dec. 7, 2010.  A winner will be chosen at random  and posted here as well as contacted via email.

This is the first blog-style giveaway I've done, so I hope I did it right.  Happy to answer any questions - crystal@averyjamesphotography.com  :)

And to leave you with a picture, here is a gorgeous sunset that I photographed about a month or two ago outside my home.  The sky was just absolutely amazing that day.  This, and other fine art images, are up for sale in my Etsy shop! :)


Erika said...

Hi! I live in Manhattan Beach and saw your photo on I Heart Faces- I would recogize that pier anywhere! ;-) I am so sorry for the loss of your son, Avery James. It is beautiful that you named your photography business after him. ((((hugs)))) I became your fan on Facebook. It would be awesome to win the giveaway...crossing my fingers! :-)

Warren Baldwin said...

Nice picture.

I may have asked, but have forgotten the answer ... do you allow other blogs to use the photos you put up here if we give credit and link back to your blog? I would like to use some of them if you do allow it.


Vittle me this... said...


Avery James Photography said...

Thanks Erika! I wish you luck in the contest!! :) :) :)

Warren - You can use any of my fine art photographs on your blog with proper credit and a link back, just not any of the family sessions. :) :) Thanks so much for asking! :)

Incipient Wings said...

I love photos that have alot of sky in them...i can stare at them for long periods of time as the clouds always seem to be moving...to me anyway, lol
this is gorgeous.