Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Aunjelique and Family

I loved my shoot this morning because the shoot itself was a surprise gift for Aunjelique's mother...a 50th birthday! (Although she honestly doesn't look it in the least bit!). Aunjelique picked out her mother's clothes for her, drove her all the way in from Fontana (a very far drive for those unfamiliar with the area), and didn't say a word til she showed up and saw her other kids and their families waiting for her at the park and me, camera in hand. Plus her kids all drove in as well, one drove 3+ hours to get there this morning! Wow....a very special gift for a mother. :)

Here's a little sneak peek for the family...you guys were all great to work with, and I still can't get over how adorable the little one is!!! :) :) Such a good baby!

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jennifer said...

That is such an awesome shoot!!! They look like such a great family and that baby is a babe!!!