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Avery James Photography

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cameron - new headshots :)

I love repeat clients...5 of my last 12 shoots were all returning clients that wanted updated pictures....I think this tells a lot about someone's work if you've had a client come back to you a second time showing that they may have taken a chance on you the first time, but they were happy enough to come back again versus seeking out another company.

Cameron really made my day though...he is an up and coming actor who has been getting auditions left and right and even booking some big gigs that I can't discuss quite yet.....but you'll be seeing him on tv and the big screen soon enough. :) And he's been getting these auditions based off of the photos that I last took of him....of course he's what really makes the pictures great and the casting agents could care less who his photographer is - but as an actor, your headshot is your business card and that's what's going to get you in the door....so it needs to look like you, and it needs to reflect you at your best....cheap headshots will get you nowhere. But he did the hard work after getting the audition by just amazing them with his talents.

Great job Cameron, I look forward to seeing your progression and I'm really excited about the future of your career. :)

Here's a couple of my favorites from today's shoot...the library one was just for fun because I had a "vision" and I needed him to help me fulfill it. :)


Kcalpesh said...

Very Well Composed Closeups... :-)

Jen said...

Good for Cameron!!! I can't wait to see him on TV! And I think it's great that you've found this new niche :) If anyone knows what someone needs in a headshot, it's you. All that SAG work will pay off!

MAGDArling said...

love the first shoot soo much;D gr8 work and good luck for Cameron;)))

readingsully2 said...

The second one is my favorite. :)