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Avery James Photography

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 2011 San Francisco vacation - Part 3 (Cable Cars and Union Square)

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Day 1: Sunday, April 10, 2011 (continued)

So after we walked around the Westfield shopping center for awhile and rode the escalators all the way to the top and then back down just for kicks, Caydan and I made our way back out to Market Street to figure out our next destination....one of the first things we saw was this guy (who I also saw again another day of our trip)

Nice message...I like :)

Next we waited in line for the historic Powell and Market cable car...there seems to always be a line to get on this cable car, but worth the wait to get to take a ride in it.  We watched it come down the hill, and then when it gets to the bottom, the workers have to actually physically turn it around on this track that rotates in a circle.  I guess the cable cars can't go up the hills backwards.

We didn't ride the cable car that far...I didn't even know where it went to be honest, I just figured we'd get on it to get back up the hill as we headed towards our hotel again.  I just wanted to get some pictures of the cable car...and of Caydan taking pictures of me taking pictures of the cable car. :)

We ended up getting off the trolley about 3 blocks up the hill at Union Square...a spot I had read about online so I figured we'd check it out.  They had some sort of art show going on this day so we walked around looking at the booths.  We saw a couple of really good photography booths with pictures of San Francisco and other things.  I showed Caydan and asked him if he wanted to take really good pictures like those someday...he said he did :)

And this heart and a couple others are part of Union Square as well. :)

 And I didn't realize it until I was just now editing these pictures, but you can see the moon to the left of the statue in this picture below....neat-o :)

More to come....I'm still on Day 1 and we were there for almost 3 full days! :)


The Adventurer said...

You have amazing pictures. I was in SAN FRAN years ago and loved it. Stopping by from the NOBH thanks for linking up:)

Jen said...

I love all these pictures of Caydan taking pictures! I think I just like to see creativity being fostered :)