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Avery James Photography

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer and Family - Boston Session

Sorry my blog posts have been so few and far between...I have been trying to dedicate as much time as possible to catching up on editing, and so I'm limiting my blog posts for the time being to just once after I'm done with one family's pics instead of a bunch throughout the process.  Once I catch up though, I'll go back to my regular blogging process. :) :)  I have so much more to share, but I'll save it for a time when I can make a quality announcement. :)

Hopefully you read my last blog post (Celia and her girls), if so then you'll have seen all the background info on my Boston trip and the reason I initially went.....below is the wonderful woman whose friendship is what got me out to the historic state of Massachusetts to do all these pictures.

The location that she chose to do her session wasn't even in Massachusetts...it was in York, Maine.  It's crazy how close and small all these NE states are, I drove through 3 different states within a couple hours timeframe.

York, Maine was an awesome little place too....for starters there is this BEAUTIFUL lighthouse on the rocks...just like you see in movies and postcards.  Then all the rocks and everything that you can walk out onto are just gorgeous.  It's such a picturesque place.

After we did Summer's pictures (and her brother's family photos as well that you'll see later), we went to this little amusement park place down the street for the kids.  Kinda like a permanent carnival, with a zoo attached.  So all the kiddies, mine included, got to run around and ride the rides.  A great reward for being so good during picture-taking.  After that we had a fabulous dinner together near the waterfront and said our goodbye's as we only had 2 more days left of our trip and were going to be doing some sightseeing the next day.

Here's a pic our waiter took at dinner.  Great families and great friendship. :)

And now - on to the beautiful Summer's pictures with her and her family. :)

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verano said...

Crystal, Thank you again so much for EVERYTHING!!
I'm looking forward to my next trip out west to see you!