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Avery James Photography

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celia and her girls

If you're keeping up with me on Facebook (Avery James Photography) then you've already seen these pictures of this beautiful mother and her girls....for those who aren't yet up to speed, here's the low-down -

I have a wonderful friend, Summer, who lives in the Boston area...she came out to California last year for a family vacation and had her photos taken by little 'ol me....upon returning back to her home state, she shared her pictures with her fabulous friends and family, which then led to me being able to book a bunch of shoots out in her hometown...so I picked my family up, put them on a plane, and had a nice east coast vacation with them a couple months ago that was topped off with meeting these awesome families and taking their family photos.  What a life I have.  :) :)  I love it...and i LOVE these pictures below.....they were all so super photogenic and lovely and just reeked of cuteness. :)

So this is the first family I met with - the other ones will be coming.....she really wanted a beach shoot, so as soon as my family and I de-boarded the plane, we threw our bags in the rental car and drove straight here to Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts....it wasn't quite the best beach weather, but it still worked out fine - no rain - that was the important thing. :)

On top of that, they liked the sneak peeks that I posted for them so much, that they arranged for a mini-shoot before I left, so we met at the park and they brought their two little pooches and took a few more pictures.  :) :)

Here's the ones they picked for their cd - I'll be back with more stories from the east coast soon. :) :)


Sunmallia said...

Fantastic photo shoot, the pics are outstanding!

Avery James Photography said...

Thank you so much Sunmallia!! :)