Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kristy and Dave's Wedding (continued)

Just finished up editing all of the wedding photos from this fantastic wedding (Kristy and Dave's Wedding).  This is the musical wedding I blogged about before, where practically half of the guests have some sort of musical talent.  It was such a lively and contagiously happy wedding and reception.  I absolutely loved seeing Kristy and her father do their father/daughter dance...it started off in the traditional manner, and then led into this cute little dance number...you'll see one of the pics below (or actually above in the next post I do).

The pics below are just the ones that the bride and groom chose to have additional edits on for their frames and albums....once I get caught up on all my other editing, I'll probably go through and retouch a few more of my favorites to share here. :) :)

Also - going to post these in two separate blogs since there's so many pictures....here's the first set. :)

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