Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Saturday, February 20, 2010

London's 3rd Birthday Party at Build A Bear!

My son was invited to a super fun birthday party at Build a Bear for an absolutely adorable little 3 year old over at Downtown Disney.  Since I was there, I figured I'd take some pictures. :)

I only brought one lens with me...so the variety is limited...and I'll have to tell Build a Bear to do something about the lighting in their building...really not ideal for photographs!  LoL. :) :) 

All in all, the kids were all cute and happy and loving their stuffed animals....a great party. :) :)


very married said...

i LOVE the one of the girl on the floor with the brown teddy bear with all the other kids standing...

also, that green tutu is ADORABLE!

Jen said...

All of these are great, but I LOVE the photos of the kids hugging their stuffed animals! What a great birthday party idea!