Avery James Photography

Avery James Photography

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Wow....my last post was on January 16!!!  I am SLACKING....I don't even have a good excuse this time around either...I think I just needed a blogging break.  BUT I'm hoping to gain some momentum back now...or shortly at least.

To start it off - my son got a new puppy last night (puppy is staying at his dad's house) - we all drove out to pick the puppy up, and although I'm really not a huge dog fan (they're cute and all, but I don't like having to take care of one), it was great seeing how excited my son was to get the puppy.  And he really is cute!

So first thing this morning I took some pics of the puppy, who was dubbed "Scrappy" (yes, after the Scooby Doo "Scrappy").  Isn't he a cutie??


LAN said...

hey.. nice picture :)

Avery James Photography said...

Thanks so much Lan!! :) :)