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Avery James Photography

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Picture A Day - March 9, 2011

My son and I have been staying in Las Vegas for the week, and yesterday decided to go take a walk down the strip to take some letter art photos for the growing number of orders I've had lately (thanks everyone!!).  We walked pretty far and then had to turn around and walk back....and unfortunately I didn't find a whole lot of good letter art pics, but I did find a few at least. :)

Anyways, on our journey we stopped at the Flamingo hotel to go check out the little sanctuary area in the back that they have....with koi fish, ducks, swans, and of course flamingos. :)

Caydan sat down on this little rocky area and insisted I take a photo of him there.  He's turning into such a ham and experienced model, lol.  It really is cute. :) :)

On another note...this is the last time you'll see him in this adorable sweater that I absolutely love....it got hot outside so I tied it around his waist, and somewhere along the strip it fell off and he didn't notice it....so we no longer have the sweater. :(

Here's his self-designed photograph. :)

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Jen said...

Aww, a great ham he is!